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Dr. Matthew Davis is proud to offer all of his patients high-quality, total-body orthopedic care and to treat everything from ACL tears to tendonitis and sciatica. No matter what your condition is, Dr. Davis can expertly diagnose and help treat or cure it—or guide you to the most appropriate healthcare professional for super specialized care. Patients fly from all across the country to have access to his expert skills, honest answers, and transparent pricing.

Rotator Cuff Surgery and Treatment

The rotator cuff is responsible for most of the movement and power in the shoulder.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

A specialized camera, called an arthroscope, is often used to do minimally invasive surgeries...

Labral Repairs

The labrum is a piece of semi-hard tissue that helps keep the ball of the shoulder joint in place.

Knee Arthroscopy

Similar to shoulder arthroscopies, Dr. Davis is also talented at diagnosing and repairing injuries...

Digital X-Rays

Many patients who visit Dr. Davis are seeking more than a medical opinion—they need answers.


Dr. Davis belongs to the Free Market Medical Association, an organization that aims to unite and amplify the benefits of free market healthcare. Part of his dedication to this type of medicine is his commitment to transparent pricing. Unlike most doctors, Dr. Davis clearly advertises all of his procedure prices and can speak to costs before a surgery, consultation, or treatment session. You can find his cost pages for specific treatments and surgeries here.

Success is my patients' being able to resume their lifestyles that they’ve been missing out on. Sometimes it’s a kid getting on the football field before the season is over, other times it’s a grandmother being able to play with her grandkids.

Dr. Matthew Davis

Honest Answers

Many orthopedic surgeons will only recommend surgical solutions to patient problems—not Dr. Davis. Dr. Davis is loved by his patients (and referring doctors) for his honest, clear, and understandable answers to all his patients' complex questions. When someone comes into his practice, he sees it as his job to give them all the information they need to make the best decision for themselves. He does not push anyone toward one solution—rather he tells patients all their options, all the likely outcomes, the success rates, and prices and lets them decide what’s best for themselves. His patients make great decisions with the aid of his expertise. They, in turn, are happier with their results and more aware of what’s going on and why during the course of their treatment.


Total body orthopedic care for children, adults, and seniors


Overuse injuries

Degenerative Conditions

Sports Medicine

Workers Compensation


Free on-site parking

Diagnostic, digital x-rays to reduce wait time

In-office bracing and casting during office visits

Transparent Pricing

Individual Attention

Dr. Davis has a clear, convenient list of the conditions he does not treat available here. For every condition, Dr. Davis has listed a more appropriate type of specialist to see for treatment.


Davis Orthopedics makes every effort to take great care of every patient regardless of their insurance carrier. Uninsured, self-pay, and out-of-network patients are simply asked to pay at the time of visit for their evaluation and treatment. See the Pricing page for details about the cost of the most common treatments.

For most plans, Davis Orthopedics can file an electronic claim, and patients are reimbursed directly from the insurance carrier, according to their out-of-network benefits. Davis Orthopedics can also provide a detailed receipt that patients can submit themselves for insurance reimbursement or for Health Spending Accounts (HSA). Unfortunately, federal law does not allow patients with Medicare or Medicaid benefits to file a claim for reimbursement for services provided by Dr. Davis. Call (205) 533-6644 if you have questions about your specific insurance plan. The staff at Davis Orthopedics are happy to help you understand the process!

Dr. Davis is also happy to work with patients that are members of Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, and Christian Healthcare Ministries. Dr. Davis understands the needs of patients that are paying directly for their medical care and has arranged discounted pricing for not only his services, but also for diagnostic testing, outpatient surgery, and physical therapy.